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Layers Hens

All point of lay hens have been vaccinated or treated against the following diseases:

The Lohmann and Hyline layers are known for their excellent egg laying abilities. The Lohmann and hyline hens are both. They lay between the age of 20-24 weeks but can start from as early as 18 weeks, laying on average 1 egg per day and up to 320 brown eggs per year. Eggs are normally laid in the morning.

Orpington chicken

The Orpington is a breed of chicken named after the town of Orpington, Kent, in south-east England It was bred for superior egg laying while retaining meat quality Its large size and soft appearance together with its rich colour and gentle contours give it an attractive appearance, and as such it is grown more often as a show bird rather than a utility breed. Hens often become broody and are good mothers. Although rather heavy, Orpingtons are able to fly small distances but rarely do so. Can lay up to 210 eggs per year

Rhode Island Reds

The Rhode Island Red is an American breed of domestic chicken. It was developed in the late nineteenth century in Massachusetts and Rhode Island by cross-breeding birds of Oriental origin such as the Malay with brown Leghorn birds from Italy. It was a dual-purpose breed, raised both for meat and for eggs; modern strains have been bred for their egg-laying abilities. they lay exceptionally well, they're valued for their meat,


The Barnevelder is a cross between the Dutch Landrace and Asian jungle fowl. It is native to Holland and is known for its glossy feathers. Eggs: It is capable of laying around 200 eggs per year. These eggs will be small to medium sized and a light speckled brown colour. Colour: The Barnevelder is predominantly a black chicken with brown tipped feathers. Character: This is a great garden bird that is much better suited to a garden pen. It isn’t a great flyer so you don’t need to worry about clipping their feathers

The Sussex

The Sussex is a British breed of dual-purpose chicken, reared both for its meat and for its eggs. Eight colours are recognised for both standard-sized and bantam fowl. A breed association, the Sussex Breed Club, was organised in 1903 The chicks mature quickly for heavy breed but the speckled is slowest to mature. The carcass is a larger leggier shape than the commercial broiler chicken, but is closer to the heritage meat produced in the past.

The Koekoek

The breed was intended as a dual purpose, free ranging chicken with laying capabilities as well as a large structure for meat production. Pure Koekoeks have a black-and-white barred appearance, with the chicks sexable soon after hatching due to distinct sex markings. One of the most popular free range combination meat & laying birds in South Africa! Very hardy and easy to keep. If you need a good dual purpose chicken, the Potch Koekoek is probably the most economical choice. About 210 eggs per year.

The Leghorn

The Leghorn is a breed of chicken originating in Tuscany, in central Italy. Birds were first exported to North America in 1828 from the port city of Livorno, on the western coast of Tuscany. They were initially called "Italians", but by 1865 the breed was known as "Leghorn", the traditional anglicisation of "Livorno Whilst they would still make an ideal pick for a beginner, anyone looking to tame their chickens shouldn’t choose Leghorns as they are known for being shy and hard to tame.

pekin bantams

The Pekin is a breed of chicken, and a Bantam which is based in China. The Pekin possesses a wealth of feathering about their feet and legs, almost obscuring them. The breed is remarkably popular, and seems to almost encompass the gamut of chicken colours. They tend not to do much damage to gardens due to their size & feathered legs. Poor fliers so don't require high fencing.

The Brahma Chicken

The Brahma is a large breed of chicken developed in the United States from very large birds imported from the Chinese port of Shanghai. The Brahma was the principal meat breed in the United States from the 1850s until about 1930. They are exceptionally large birds so need a house with plenty of headroom.


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