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Poultry Equipments

From the first moment you decide you want chickens, you should be thinking about where they will live. Part of being a good flock keeper is providing a comfortable and safe home for your birds. Whether you choose to build your own coop or to order a pre-built one, we can help! We carry books with excellent coop designs as well as kits that you can order and assemble yourself. Either way, your birds will have shelter and a safe place to lay eggs.



Ceramic Nest Eggs 2 Pack

Ceramic Nest Eggs are sometimes referred to as "training eggs" as they are used to encourage and inspire laying chickens to lay eggs in the nest boxes. These ceramic eggs have the weight and feel of real eggs and come in brown or white.

Stafix Solar Energizer

The Stafix .5 Joule Solar Energizer is a high output and low impedance style solar energizer. This unit is designed to properly energize one or up to two lengths of 164-foot Electric Poultry Netting. It can store .63 joules of energy, which allows it to continue working and protecting your chickens and poultry up to 21 days without sunlight.

Spiral Leg Bands Size 9

Using Leg Bands to keep proper track of your birds is a sign of an organized chicken caretaker and is imperative for those people breeding their poultry. These spiral-style Leg Bands are easy to use and make record keeping and keeping track of the birds in your flock or breeding program simple and clear. The bright colors aid in the ease of identifying birds with a glance.

Quart Galvanized Feeder Base

The Quart Galvanized Feeder Base is the bottom part of a feeder for chicks. It is well made of high quality galvanized steel, with rolled edges for safety and security. This base will fit a standard mason jar or our Screw on Jar Plastic Quart. The jar is not included. The base is 6 inches in diameter and is 2.5 inches high. There are 8 openings for chicks to eat from in a clean and evenly spaced manner. Ideal for use in brooding a small group of chicks or more than one can be placed around the brooder for feeding a larger number of chicks. Also good for waterfowl and other small fowl like quail, partridge, and other game birds.

11 LB Plastic Feeder

Our 11 Lb Plastic Feeder is a great little feeder for any small flock owner, hobbyist, or homesteader. Made of high quality, durable plastic this feeder holds 11 pounds of feed at a time. It comes with a hanger so the feeder can be suspended from a chain or rope. It is designed to be easy to fill and clean.

1 Quart Blue Plastic Cage Cup

These large cage cups are made of durable polyethylene plastic and are designed for keeping cages clean and organized. Feed and water are kept off the floor of the cage in almost unspillable cups. These 1 Quart Blue Plastic Cage Cups are made with hooks built into the back of the cup so they can be easily slipped onto the side of any cage.


Whether you are starting out, expanding, or upgrading, we can help with any project. Most poultry producers rely on us and our selection of poultry feeding, watering systems, lighting, heating and ventilation.


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