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Poultry Supplies

Everyone needs to feed and nourish their chicken flock. Your chicks need a balanced diet right from the start in order to grow into healthy and happy poultry. Take a look at our top of the line products for your feeding needs. You will also find supplements that aid in your birds' digestion and laying capabilities.

Manna Pro Medicated Chick Starter Feed 5

Your chicks need a balanced diet from the start in order to grow into healthy and happy adults. The Manna Pro Chick Starter Medicated Crumbers is a formulated feed with an added coccidiostat to aid in boosting your chick's immune system, while providing them with a complete diet full of vitamins and minerals.

Manna Pro Chick Starter Feed Non Medicated 5

It is very important to feed you chicks right from the start. This formulated feed is crumble based and a healthy diet for your chicks for their first 8 weeks of life and is an ideal feed for a mixed flock. That is, you can feed you chicks, goslings, and ducklings with the same feed! Manna Pro Chick Starter non-medicated crumbles comes in a 5 pound bag.

Manna Pro Organic Chick Starter 5 Lb Details

Manna Pro Organic Chick Starter 5 Lb Details Raising chickens organically is a noble endeavor, and it is one of the most effective and best ways to produce the healthiest and safest eggs and meat. For truly organic chickens, you have to start at day one with feeding only certified organic feed, and Manna Pro Organic Chick Starter Feed is a perfect choice for doing so.

Manna Pro Gamebird Showbird Feed 5 lbs

Manna Pro Gamebird Showbird Feed 5 lbs Game Birds need a specific diet formated as their body makeup is different than other fowl. The Manna Pro Gamebird-Showbird feed is a 24% protein diet that is perfect for starting out and growing your game birds. Being a high protein product, this feed can be used for any age turkeys, ducks, geese, and broilers.

Game Bird Feed Soy-Free and Non-GMO

This Non-GMO and Soy-Free Game Bird Feed produced by H and H is a dependable and solid product for all game birds. Raising your own game birds for meat and eggs is a wonderful way to produce healthy and clean food for your household and family. Some people take it a step further and avoid feeding their birds soy, which has been associated with sensitivities and allergies. Many people also don't want to feed their birds GMO grains or introduce GMO's onto their property. This Game Bird Feed is a solid feed with optimal nutrition and without GMOs or soy products.

Chick Grit 5 lbs digestive Details

Birds have a very different digestive system from mammals. In order to fully process and digest their food, much of which is comprised of hard grain and insects, birds use both a stomach and a gizzard. The gizzard is comprised of hard muscles that grind the harder pieces of the food a bird eats into fully digestible bits. For the gizzard to work effectively, a bird needs to consume fragments of stone and gravel, which then remain in the gizzard and help with this grinding process.

Mealworms Details

Mealworms 10 oz bag Mealworms makes a great chicken treat - both delicious and nutritious! This product can be used as a treat and can be very useful in establishing positive social bonds with your flock. Mealworms is made up of dehydrated mealworms and is a healthy dietary supplement for chickens that are unable to get access to forage, whether due to weather, predators, the winter season, or coop construction.

Chick Grower Developer

Chick Grower Developer Feed Soy-Free and Non-GMO Details We pride ourselves in addressing the needs of all our poultry customers. We are proud to carry this line of feed that is both GMO-Free and Soy-Free for poultry owners who are very discerning about quality food. Many people are finding the amount of GMO in our food systems to be unnerving, and soy is also questionable both for people with allergies to soy and for other reasons as well.

Write a Review Chicken Layer Feed

Raising your own poultry for eggs is a beautiful way to ensure yourself of getting clean and healthy food. One way to make sure that the eggs your chickens are producing are super safe and clean is to avoid feeding your hens Genetically Modified Organisms or grains that were Genetically Modified. Soy is one of the main grains that are Genetically Modified in the U.S. and even organic soy can cause allergies and sensitivities in some people. Many believe that hens not fed soy or GMO grains lay eggs that are healthier and safer.

Oyster Shells 5 lbs Details

A laying hen uses up energy, protein, and calcium when laying her eggs. All of these components are important in her bone and feather structure. The Oyster Shells 5 LB is a wonderful way to supplement your hen during her laying cycle to help her stay healthy and lay beautiful eggs. The Oyster Shells come in a 5 pound bag. The rocks are just large enough for juvenile to consume with no problems. These heat treated calcium carbonated white rocks can be added to the laying hen's feed or sprinkled on the ground for her to peck at. By providing oyster shells to a hen's diet, her bones, feathers, and egg shells will be stronger.

Chicken Broiler Feed

Write a Review Chicken Broiler Feed Soy-Free and Non-GMO Details This Chicken Broiler Feed is a well-balanced and fabulous ration for feeding your broilers or meat chickens. Tt is soy free and GMO-free. This feed is 22% protein and can be fed to broilers from day one to finish. H and H is a company that is dedicated to producing feed products that are healthy and effective for your birds. This Chicken Broiler Feed is in crumble style and is texturized for ease of feeding, which leads to optimal feed conversion and a great growth rate. This feed can also be used by people who want to start their laying chicks off with a higher protein feed.

Harvest Delight

Harvest Delight Poultry Treat 2.5 lb bag Bonding with your flock can be very a rewarding experience. The Harvest Delight Poultry Treat is a fun way to provide enrichment to your flock and reward them at the same time. This treat can be given inside the Chicken Toy as well! The Harvest Delight Poultry Treat can be given to any age poultry as a treat. It is not meant to be the sole ration. It contains whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to provide your birds with a treat and some nourishment at the same time. It is recommended to feed ½ to 2 tablespoons of this product per bird. Because there are grains in this treat, it is also recommended to provide grit to aid in the bird's digestion.


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