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Blood Stop Powder Details

Blood Stop Powder is your go-to medication for controlling bleeding in minor wounds and cuts. It acts as a very effective and fast blood coagulant, stopping bleeding from wounds upon application. Active Ingredients are as follows:, Ferrous Sulfate . 7H2O - 84.0%, Ammonium Alum - 5.0%, Chloroxylenol - 1.0%, Tannic Acid - 1.0%

Chicken First Aid Kit

Our Chicken First Aid Kit contains the Chicken Health Handbook, a 2 oz bottle of Vet Rx all in a small egg basket. Add on whatever products you need and you can also upgrade to a larger basket if needed. Vet Rx is a classic poultry treatment made with essential oils. It is usually used as a preventative, promoting strong immune systems and keeping your flock healthy.

Sav-A-Chick Electrolyte 3 Pack

Sav-A-Chick Electrolyte and Vitamin Supplement 3 Pack It is very important to start off your chicks right. The Sav-A Chick Electrolyte and Vitamin Supplement is an excellent water additive to aid in your chick's start of life. Its like Gatorade for chickens.

Sav-A-Chick Probiotic 3 Pack

The crucial and significant role of probiotics within the digestive system of birds, and especially young birds, simply cannot be overestimated. Probiotics support and balance digestive health by providing beneficial bacteria into the digestive tract. Sav-A-Chick Probiotic contains poultry-specific live (viable) naturally-occurring beneficial bacteria, and is extremely easy and convenient to administer.

Fast Start Chick Pack

Get your chicks off to a healthy and hardy start with our convenient Fast Start Chick Pack. We have pulled together this Fast Start Chick Pack to give our customers convenient access to all the best products for starting out chicks robustly. They are also good first aid products to have on hand any time your poultry may be stressed.

Prozap Poultry Dust

Mites, ticks, and lice can be detrimental to poultry. Proper methods of prevention are needed to maintain a healthy stock. The Prozap Garden and Poultry Dust is a perfect dust that contains a substance that controls the northern fowl mite, chicken mites, lice, and bedbugs, all of which can be found on the bird or in poultry houses.

Vet Rx Remedy 2 oz

The Vetrx Poultry Veterinary Remedy is an old fashioned treatment that helps alleviate symptoms caused by common diseases. This product can also be used as a preparation to show. This is a great preventative for all fowl and highly recommended for the medicine cabinet.

Life Lytes Vitamin

Life Lytes by Manna Pro can help ease the physical stress for your birds. With vitamins and electrolytes, Life Lytes can help when your birds are adjusting to a new environment or dealing with something else that could potentially make them vulnerable. There are many situations that are stressful for chickens. Shipping, travel, disease and extreme heat are all examples of stressful events for your flock.

Manna Pro Water Protector Details

A fresh and clean water source is imperative for healthy and thriving poultry. Changing and refreshing the waterers for your flock is necessary on a regular basis, but using a product like Manna Pro Water Protector will ensure that your birds' water stays nice and fresh in between water changes.

Vetericyn Poultry Care Details

This topical spray is an asset to have available at home for care of poultry skin abrasions, cuts and other irritations. It is safe to use with all types of poultry and at any age. The spray can be applied directly to skin 3-4 times a day as needed. It is safe to use around the face, ears and eyes as needed.

GroGel Plus B, 100 dose packet

Delivery can sometimes be stressful for baby chicks. GroGel Plus is here to the rescue. It is very beneficial to feed your birds GroGel upon arrival! With a half cup of water added to one package, this green powder turns into a hydrating gel full of good bacteria and nutrients that not only hydrates the chicks but also boosts their immune system. GroGel Plus-B is great for any hatchlings, not just shipped birds.

Perfect Peepers Details

Peepers are for pheasants to control pecking. Control overly aggressive behavior with the peeper. This product does not hinder the bill growth. This blinder combines durability with functionality. The square design insures full blinding of the pheasant, while the smooth surface eliminates the bird from catching themselves on netting or wire. Sold in units of 25 perfect peepers with nylon pins.


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